About Us

What is the International Snowsport School?

Over the years it has become very apparent that there are many unique and superb services available to snowsport users. Our goal is to provide, promote and bring the best, most trustworthy and reliable services together in one place.

Through time we have found that friends and colleagues, with whom we have worked, have similar driving forces and motivation in their approach to their own companies and services; most importantly, with the best interests of the client in mind. This has led to the “hub” concept where the International Snowsport School strives to work at the centre of the industry, connecting individuals and companies in order to create mutual benefit for all parties. Therefore, whether you are looking for employment, a course, or any other snowsport related service we are here to bring you the collective best of everyone’s expertise, knowledge and commitment into one place.

The drive and motivation that allowed us to excel in our respective fields is the same work ethic that is producing a successful collaborative working relationship for your benefit.

Our focus for the future...

“We will focus on continuing to develop all areas and relationships between companies and individuals to further improve the all-encompassing service that the International Snowsport School is able to offer.”

As we have selected the very best core elements from the industry that are usable by all snowsport enthusiasts, we will continue to maintain and improve their quality so you can have peace of mind when selecting services appropriate to you. We look forward to working with you in this positive environment and sharing our passion for snowsports.

Our Friends

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“For the first time I could feel the difference in my skiing and that I was making progress, and I understood exactly what I needed to do.”

Julie Slater

Private Lessons

“Skiing with Duncan is like skiing with an expert friend, you learn so much more when you are relaxed and having fun...”

Claire Bruce

Private lessons

“Excellent training and valuable insight between my BASI level 1 and 2 which got me to the level...”

John Macrae

Instructor Training

“Will definitely spread the word about the International Snowsport School’s magical powers...”

Kirsty Clydesdale


“Thank you so much for all your help this week. Your support certainly helped keep me going.”

Jane Stratton

Instructor Courses