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The only companies you will find here are owned or run by good friends and colleagues with whom we have worked during our many years in the Snowsport industry. We all share the same ethos for a high quality service and a unique ability to understand what you need to enjoy Snowsport as much as we have. After all, that's exactly why we're all still here!

Head Ski

For hundreds of years, ski technology barely changed. Sure, stronger woods made an appearance, camber came onto the scene, and tips and tails got wider, but that was about it. And then one day in 1947, an aeronautical engineer named Howard Head went skiing for the first time. And he was not impressed!

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Dodge The Shot

DTS create equipment for those who desire change and won’t look back, those who love to chill but live for the thrill, those who keep afar from stress and unnecessary complications. We do not conform. All of our garments are unique, original and numbered.

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Ski Inspired

We are a family-run company specialising in bespoke ski holidays in Spain. We are absolutely passionate about skiing which is why we offer holidays in one of Spain’s biggest and best resorts, Baqueira Beret. We take care of all the details so all you have to do is book your dates, sit back and relax.

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Ski Definition

Was formed to supply training towards qualifications within the UK and Europe and to develop all levels of skiers from beginners to expert. We have some amazing instructors with an immense amount of experience to help you get to the level you want to be.

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World Class Training

World Class Training offers outdoor instructor specific first aid training/qualifications and online Child Protection modules. We also deliver first aid training for businesses and organisations in all sectors.

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Our Friends

Solutions 4 Feet
Ski Inspired
REACT First Aid Training
Ski 2
Definition Camps


“Will definitely spread the word about the International Snowsport School’s magical powers...”

Kirsty Clydesdale


“Excellent training and valuable insight between my BASI level 1 and 2 which got me to the level...”

John Macrae

Instructor Training

“For the first time I could feel the difference in my skiing and that I was making progress, and I understood exactly what I needed to do.”

Julie Slater

Private Lessons

“Skiing with Duncan is like skiing with an expert friend, you learn so much more when you are relaxed and having fun...”

Claire Bruce

Private lessons

“Thank you so much for all your help this week. Your support certainly helped keep me going.”

Jane Stratton

Instructor Courses