Adventure Logic is a consultancy focused on recommending the worlds best adventure tours through the professionals who run them. Adventure Logic wants to help define the adventure industry by promoting and supporting those who best represent it.


Our goal  |  By working with people and businesses that are most passionate about their work Adventure Logic hopes to make connections, find brilliance and facilitate adventure. Adventure industry professionals are in the best position to provide advice about the adventures they run and to recommend the best places, people and businesses they have encountered on their own adventures. By using our international network of experienced guides and expedition leaders we aim to connect our clients to world class products and support our colleagues and employers whilst doing it.

Our philosophy  |  Adventure Logic won’t compromise on and is passionate about high standards of safety, quality of service and professionalism. We don't believe in manufacturing experiences. Positive experiences come from within those who seek them and can only be facilitated by the standards of the professionals and businesses who deliver our products.


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