A team of creative youth from Milan and London with different backgrounds but a common mindset to... DODGE THE SHOT! The team have brought their ideas to life in sports equipment and clothing with a collection of apparel that holds their ideas.


What does DTS mean?  |  Nothing more than to simply dodge undesired situations and skip as much of what you don’t like as possible. DTS is a sports equipment brand made with an active lifestyle and nonconforming ideals in mind. We love the outdoors, sports and living life the way it should be.

DTS create equipment for those who desire change and won’t look back, those who love to chill but live for the thrill, those who keep afar from stress and unnecessary complications. We do not conform. All of our garments are unique, original and numbered.

All DODGE THE SHOT products are made using top quality materials. Continuos research for excellence allows us to create products which are at the fore-front both in terms of creativity and the use of materials. We are an international brand which looks towards the future with serenity and a desire to grow and create a big community around the name DODGE THE SHOT and are doing so through hard work and passion with everything we do. In line with our name, we follow the idea of dodging shots and we aim to achieve excellence with every idea.


Dodge The Shot


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