We are a family business based in Glasgow, Scotland. From a small start in 2012, we have become one of the Scotland’s leading suppliers of mountain sports equipment. Our product range has an emphasis on equipment for off-piste skiing/boarding and ski racing. Gravity Protection is led by brothers Evan and Stephen Reid, and are dedicated to supplying you with top quality kit to keep you safe in the mountains. No product makes it onto our website without us firmly believing that it will make you safer off-piste, in the backcountry, or on the terrain park. Renowned for customer service, if something isn’t right, we’ll do our level best to sort it out. Gravity Protections choice of products is driven by their own experience as mountain sports enthusiasts. As they say “If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t stock it.”


Evan Reid  |  I've skied recreationally, and for a time professionally, since I was a boy.  I love everything about it, but most of all I love the freedom of skiing off-piste or in the backcountry.  However, as a medical doctor with an interest in mountain medicine, I know that there are some risks out there.  I also know that these risks can be minimised by knowledge and by good quality protective equipment.  Our vision for Gravity Protection is that we will offer you a selection of top quality, effective safety gear at a competitive price, along with our help and advice in selecting the kit that is right for you. We want you to be able to enjoy the mountains, again and again, and we believe that we can help you do so.


Stephen Reid  |  I'm a keen skier and hillwalker and have a passion for the mountains, whether in the summer or winter.  The mountains are a fantastic environment, but things can go wrong.  My previous experience in the emergency services had taught me that when they do, it's an enormous help to have the right kit available to sort it.


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